Head of Risk & Compliance at Maxbet Online, Ciprian Puiu, shines as Top 5 Finalist in iGaming IDOL Awards

We are delighted to share theexciting news that Ciprian Puiu, our Head of Risk & Compliance at MaxbetOnline, has achieved the remarkable feat of being recognized as one of the TOP5 finalists in the prestigious iGaming IDOL Awards.


Ciprian's outstanding accomplishmentshave secured him a coveted spot in the 'Fraud and Risk Idols of 2023' category,a testament to his exceptional knowledge, professional industry expertise, andhis unwavering commitment to driving concrete improvements in his field.


The iGaming IDOL Awards, known forbeing a unique and premium accolade in the industry, is set to announce thewinner on November 30, 2023. We eagerly await the results and are confidentthat Ciprian will rightfully claim the prize he so deserves.


“I'm excited and honored to benominated in the iGaming IDOL Awards! I see it as recognition not only of mypersonal achievements but also of the company's merits. I'm looking forward tochasing this moment of truth! Whatever the result may be, I'm thrilled thatsuch an initiative allows the best colleagues from the gaming industry toshine, contributing to our business development and growth.”


iGaming Idol stands out as the firstaward show in the iGaming industry exclusively recognizing individuals ratherthan companies or projects. What makes this award particularly distinctive isits three-step judging process, including "Meet the Judges," wherefinalists get the opportunity to personally convince the three judges percategory in a 15-minute interaction. This approach ensures a high-integrityaward that recipients can take immense pride in.


Ciprian's journey to becoming afinalist is a testament to his continuous efforts to enhance the risk andcompliance landscape, ensuring the highest standards are met. Hisacknowledgment in the 'Fraud and Risk Idols of 2023' category underscores notonly his personal achievement but also Maxbet Online's commitment to excellencein every aspect of our operations.


As we eagerly await the winner'sannouncement, join us in celebrating Ciprian's remarkable achievement and staytuned for updates on this momentous occasion.


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